Sunday, April 3, 2011

Road to Sucess ... Learning Tips from World Cup 2011...

In my earlier Blog entitled "How to achieve sucess " I had given several tips on how to achieve sucess in one's life. If we reflect back and analyse the performance of Indian Team who won the World Cup2011 yesterday, the same have appeared to be true. Analysis of My Previous Blog and  learning Tip from yesterday's win can be summed up as under:

1. Set a Goal for the work to be done. - The Indian Team had a set goal to win the World Cup.
2. Should look forward and think high. - The Mission was to Win World Cup 2011 by defeating World class teams.

3. An action plan is to be drawn for achieving the set goals.- Accordingly hats off to the Team Coach Gary Kirsten and Captain M.S.Dhoni who had drawn a succesful plan by Good fielding, Restricting Runs, Good Batting not letting loose, & throwing Bat.
Strategies to be developed and reviewed in times of need : M S Dhoni entering at No. 4 and played Captain's inning.
4. Power of Positive Attitude :Nothing else than positive attitude leads to sucess. Yuvraj emerged as the Hero of the Tournament, despite his previous bad performance not being in form. 
5. Most important asset is Passion: Our batsman have put in their best with zeal and passion (जूनून) 

6.Team Work plays an important Role. - Splendid Team Work Display by the Indian Team.
  • Doing one’s job the best one can.- Gautam gambhir, Virat Kohli & above all M.S.Dhoni have displayed their batting calibre, Harbhajan & Yuvraj with their bowling did perform well. 
  • Being thorough, yet making speed. Marching onward despite defeat, and fighting staunchly, but keeping sweat.- Serve, strive through strain and stress. And when we do all this It’s doing your noblest.:-  Despite the fall of Wickets of Virendra Sehwag & Sachin, the turning point by Gautam Gambhir & M S Dhoni's  struggle for win till the end. 
  • Delegation of duties / Role to be played by each person & Co-ordination of the various types of Jobs.- The entire team has successfully played their role, be it The captian, The coach, The Bowlers or the Batsman resulting in a win.
  • Honest implementation of duties assigned.- Gautam Gambhir's 97 and M S Dhoni's 91, Taking of wicket's by Yuvi's & Har Bhajan led to victory. 
    7. The most important factor is the Time Schedule which should be strictly observed and any time over-run should be plugged in.- Match was won in the 48.2 overs as against 50 overs.

8. Jubilant Celebration of the successful completion of the Goal / Event.:- Jubiliant Celeberations not only by the Team, but at & in each Corner of the country, specially when it made Sonia Gandhi to Dance (Read the article in Dainik Bhaskar under article/NAT-people-shows-happiness-like-diwali.)
So dear friends in order to achieve succcess we should necessary implement the following:
  1. Set a Goal / Mission for achieving success in life.
  2. An action Plan to be drawn Strategies to be reviewed based on the available situations.
  3. Be Positive Never Say No.
  4. Have Passion to win always.
  5. Never hesitate to take risks if required.
  6. Put in all the best with full honesty and dedication.
  7. Team Work with full zeal to ensure dependency on a single factor is not met and alternate solutions are availabe i.e. Disaster Management.
  8. Motivation of the Team members for ensuring success.
  9. Maintaining the Time Schedule, Completion of the project within the deadline.
Good Luck to One and All For the future.