Thursday, June 23, 2016

Website Scams - Beware of " Domain SEO Service Registration Corp."

Dear All,

Just Now today I have received the Fraudulent Email as under from "Domain SEO Service Registration Corp." which has warned me that my site "" will not be available after 30th June 2016. At the first stance I was stunned as to how the site can be blocked when the due date was far off. Immediately I checked up my account details with Go Daddy with whom the Domain name was registered and found that the renewal of the site was still not due. Though I replied to the Email stating the same, out of my anxiety I searched for this Domain SEO Service Registration Corp. on the net and  I came across the Blogpost of "".
On going through the said Blog it was informed that such Emails are Spams and "trying to trick you into paying for “SEO” services. as you will not get any real “SEO” from a company like this." In the email, they use the normal scare tactics that spammers of this nature often use. They have the “failure to complete….may make it difficult for customers to find you” garbage. They also advise you to “ACT IMMEDIATELY” in big letters.
If all of this is not enough to convince you of the spammy nature of this email, in the bottom of it, they state “THIS IS NOT A BILL. THIS IS A NOTIFICATION OFFER. YOU ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO PAY THE AMOUNT STATED UNLESS YOU ACCEPT THIS NOTIFICATION OFFER”.
I must thank Mr. Chad Musgrove the author of the said Blogpost for saving me from losing money. Please refer his blogpost on Beware of Domain SEO Service Registration Corp.
I am sharing this experience of mine to help and save others from getting trapped on account of such Spam Mails.

"Domain Service" <>| Add to Address Book |This is not spam
To:   <>
Subject: expiration
Date:   Fri, 24 Jun 2016 02:28:48 IST
Domain SEO Service Registration Corp.
Notice#: 187463
Date: 06/22/2016

DOMAIN: Notification Purchase Offer

To: Rakesh Khare, Khare & Associat
125, Shirdipuram, Kolar Road
Madhya Pradesh, 462042, INDIA

Domain Name:

Registration SEO Period:


Term: 07/14/2016 to 07/14/2017 $64.001 Year
Domain Name: Attn: Rakesh Khare
This important expiration notification offer notifies you about theexpiration offer notice of your domain registration  search engine optimization submission. The information in this expiration notification offer may contain confidential and/or legally privileged information from the notification processing department of the Domain SEO Service Registration to purchase our search engine traffic generator. We do not register or renew domain names. We are selling traffic generator software tools. This information is intended only for the use of the individual(s) named above.If you fail to complete your domain name  search engine optimization service by the expiration date, may result in the cancellation of this search engine optimization domain name notification offer notice.
Failure to complete your seo domain name  search engine optimization service process may make it difficult for customers to find you on the web.
This domain seo registration for search engine service optimization notification offer will expire 06/30/2016.
Instructions and Unsubscribe Instructions:You have received this message because you elected to receive special notification offers. If you no longer wish to receive our notifications, please unsubscribe here or mail us a written request to Domain SEO Service Registration Corp., Miami Beach, FL 33139. If you have multiple accounts with us, you must opt out for each one individually in order to stop receiving notifications notices. We are a search engine optimization company. We do not directly register or renew domain names. We are selling traffic generator software tools. This message is CAN-SPAM compliant. THIS IS NOT A BILL. THIS IS A NOTIFICATION OFFER. YOU ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO PAY THE AMOUNT STATED UNLESS YOU ACCEPT THIS NOTIFICATION OFFER. This message, which contains promotional material strictly along the guidelines of the CAN-SPAM act of 2003. We have clearly mentioned the source mail-id of this email, also clearly mentioned our subject lines and they are in no way misleading. Please do not reply to this email, as we are not able to respond to messages sent to this address.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Peer-To-Peer Lending (P2P)

Peer-To-Peer Lending (P2P)
A method of debt financing that enables individuals to borrow and lend money - without the use of an official financial institution as an intermediary. Peer-to-peer lending removes the middleman from the process, but it also involves more time, effort and risk than the general brick-and-mortar lending scenarios. This is also known as "social lending".
The advantage to the lenders is that the loans generate income in the form of interest, which can often exceed the amount interest that can be earned by traditional means (such as from saving accounts and CDs). Plus P2P loans give borrower’s access to financing that they may not have otherwise got approval for by standard financial intermediaries.
The method is not without its disadvantages as the lender has very little assurance that the borrower, who traditional financial intermediaries may have rejected due to a high likelihood of defaults, will repay their loan. Furthermore, depending on the lending system employed, in order to compensate lenders for the risk that they are taking, the amount of interest charged for peer to peer loans may be higher than traditional prime loans.
The key differences on P2P lending platforms are:
• The lenders are individuals who are lending their own money.
• These individual lenders look for a certain amount of responsible behaviour from potential loan seekers which means if one has too many cheques bouncing, their chances of getting a loan is very low.
• Articulating your need and being truthful about your repayment capacity is something lenders look for when they look at a borrower listing for giving him a loan.
• Month end balances are a key factor in deciding which borrower to give loan to and lenders place a great emphasis on this as this signifies spending patterns.
• Being accurate about the end use of the loan amount is very important in getting an offer from a lender.
• Vague statements do not inspire confidence in lenders. So if one needs money for education or for an function or to buy something , be specific on the end use of the loan. This will help in building credibility with lenders.
• Finally one has to give as much information as much as possible
Leading P2P lenders online are : ,, .

a community loan exchange platform offers P2P lending and personal loan at low interest rates in India. Best investment plans for your money.